Snow Law Firm PC in Mobile, Alabama can be your “go-to law firm” for seasoned legal advice and guidance on debt relief, bankruptcy and wills and estate planning. Hendrik Snow has been advising clients in the civil law since 2004, helping clients make the best informed choice in their case. He offers a consultation free of charge.

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His practice areas include long-term life planning, where Hendrik can help plan your estate to balance your needs with what you wish to leave for your children. Wondering where to turn after a loved one passes? Hendrik can guide you through opening an estate. If you are named the representative, he can help you defend an estate from challenges by disgruntled siblings or creditors. Or he can help you challenge a family trust or estate being mismanaged by the representative. Facing harassing collection of your debt? Mr. Snow can help you chart a course out of your dire financial storm. Hurt at work? Snow Law Firm also helps workers injured on the job.

The economic downturn has brought many clients to seek his counsel for relief in personal bankruptcy. Relief from debt collection is immediate upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition. If you face a financial meltdown, and your home, car, or job is in jeopardy from late payments or harassing collectors, turn to Hendrik Snow and you’ll walk away with a sensible, manageable plan back to fiscal health. Hendrik has extensive experience in practice in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Alabama. He welcomes the opportunity to share his expertise with you.

Snow Law Firm PC additionally represents clients in matters in the Probate Court. To prove a will or to administer an estate once a relative has passed or to become a guardian or conservator are matters of Probate. Call Mr. Snow for advice in becoming authorized to make decisions about the medical care, the financial well-being, or other aspects of the life of a family member who is struggling physically with advancing age or mental incapacity. If you are the beneficiary of a trust and are not getting your fair share, or if you are a trustee who needs to defend a trust from a challenge by creditors or beneficiaries, then call for a consultation with Hendrik Snow.